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Vehicle Portals

As good as new! Getting more out of used.

Many dealers assume that the used car search only takes place on relevant portals. However, in most cases nearly all requests start with Google and Co. With our vehicle portal, the entire used car inventory can be bundled together – and be found by search engines.

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Show who you are! And what you have to offer!

Before your customers step foot into your dealership, they have in 9 of 10 cases already visited your website. We are here to make sure that online customers take the next step and become real car buyers with easy to use, high-quality content configurations and a responsive design. Take control: We enable your customers to find the car they are looking for and you want to sell with only a few simple clicks.

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  • SEO Optimized
  • Innovative Technology
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Online Marketing

Reach your destination faster!

With exclusive partners.

Not only do we optimize your website for search engines (SEO), we also combine this optimization with intelligent search engine advertisements, for example Google Adwords. We manage to create comprehensive SEM strategies for the automotive retail. As the only German business specialized in the automotive market as a Google Premier Partner, our certified specialists are continuously schooled and trained so we can offer you solutions that are up-to-date. How you profit: with considerably higher click rates at low click costs, a visitor boom on your dealership website of an average of 50 to 60 percent and with growing sales figures!

Stay in the fast lane!

And leave your competition behind.

More than 50% of all people, who are searching for a new car, first research on the Internet using search engines before they visit a dealer. We make sure that your offers are found by those, who are really looking!

Modix AdBox

Lead Generation with the Modix AdBox.

With our unique Modix AdBox, search engine marketing is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is enter your budget and your vicinity. Depending on the search query, the Modix AdBox accesses the inventory in your vehicle management and releases dynamic ads that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the person searching: no matter whether a vehicle type, manufacturer, certain style or specific model.

The result: more clicks, more visits and more sales.

Modix AdBox

Success can be planned
and measured.

With the Modix LeadTracker!

When advertising in different types of media, it can be difficult to determine what advertising means are more successful and which not, up until now. The times are changing. With the Modix LeadTracker, you know exactly what channels are most popular.

With alternating e-mail addresses in ads, on the website or in brochures the channel can easily be determined over which the contact was generated. The same applies to telephone numbers, which we set up for you and that automatically re-direct the call to your dealership.

The Modix LeadTracker analyzes all e-mails and phone calls and can thus provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact and real-life usage of all advertising channels used.

Modix LeadTracker

Keep in touch.

With Social Media!

If you want to be close to your customers, then you should speak their language. And exactly there, where they are active: in social media. “Social selling” is not only a buzzword to us: we put it into practice.

Together, we find the most suitable channels and support you to communicate with your “followers” and transform “fans” into loyal customers. For example, with a professional design for your Facebook page, customized according to the look of your website and that of the manufacturer.

Or simply use the Modix Vehicle app with which you can easily present your vehicle inventory on your Facebook fan page.

Of course, we support you with the integration of content. We post news for you and give tips on relevant subjects or call your attention to seasonal events for which postings and promotions might apply. Full speed ahead: in digital marketing using all sales potentials!

Understand & optimize Your Digital Strategy!

With comprehensive data and easy to understand reporting.

The automotive marketing strategy now requires search engines, portals and many other digital tools. Because of this complexity, data is more important than ever to understand your website’s performance. Leveraging our digital experience with our state-of-the art platform, Modix has developed an analytics product that is specific to the automotive business.

Modix Analytics

Address Three GDPR Requirements

With data protection features specific to GDPR.

Now that the GDPR is here, it is critical that automotive businesses continue to make strides towards compliancy. This new regulation is very complicated and requires all EU businesses to update their website with features that protect personal data. Modix has worked with a team of legal experts to design features that help to meet the new GDPR standards.

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