Video and Imagery

Modix 360°

Modix 360° makes it easy to take and present high-quality 360° images and videos on your website by providing your customers with an engaging and interactive experience.

Immersive and Interactive 360° spins

Easily create a truly immersive experience for the car buyer with complete interior and exterior spins.

Capture smooth, interactive 360° interior and exterior spins of your vehicles and display on your vehicle listing to engage your customers.

Show your vehicle from all angles, allowing your customers to experience the vehicle as if they were at your showroom or sat in the driver’s seat.

Porsche 911
Brake lights

Full width rear lighting.


Carbon fibre wing mirrors

Brake callipers

Contrasting yellow brake callipers.


Height adjustable spoiler for additional downforce.

Clickable Hotspots

When there’s detail you want to highlight, Modix 360° allows you to easily add interactive video and image hotspots to your vehicle spins.

Modix 360° overlays your spin with clickable hotspots to ensure the unique features of your stock aren’t overlooked.

You can track the exact hotspots each consumer clicked on to improve your sales conversations.

Utilise hotspots to upsell and promote products – you can even use hotspots to show off dents and dings and further convey transparency.

Interactive video

Take video that complements your vehicle listing and showcases features in an interactive way.

Add your dealership or manufacturer branding to your videos and display on your vehicle listing.

Personalised videos are also available to send to customers, allowing you to detail aspects of the vehicle at their request.

Modix 360 set up

Highlight Hotspots

Highlight hotspots of your vehicles by showing images or video of specific features on spins and video.

Interior and Exterior Spins

Easily create a truly immersive experience for the car buyer with complete interior and exterior spins.

One to One Sharing

Send personalised 360° spins and video directly to customers via our Modix 360° app.


Create personalised video that’s shareable and add your brand pre and post-roll to your videos.

Apple and Android compatible

Modix 360° is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Inventory Integration

Modix 360° easily integrates with your dealership’s inventory.

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We maintain close working relationships with all our key partners, allowing us to remain at the forefront of a range of technologies, and to keep our clients abreast of the latest developments.

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