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At Modix, diversity is our pride.

The Cultural Feast, organised by the Mosaic ERG for the World Day for Cultural Diversity, united our European team for an unforgettable international meal and traditions. The event celebrated untiy and the Modix team had the wonderful opportunity of tasting some global flavors.

Modix International stands out as one of the most culturally diverse companies within Cox Automotive. Our team is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and delicious food traditions.  At Modix, we have so much to share and savour.

The announcement of the Cox Cultural Feast sparked enthusiasm across our European offices. Team members eagerly began planning which dishes they could bring from their hometowns. Posters were created, dietary requirements were noted, and calendars were marked. The excitement was in the air as everything came together for this special event.

At our Koblenz office, the array of self-cooked meals from around the world was truly impressive: Argentinian empanadas to Indian desserts, German specialities, Spanish tapas, Russian drinks, Croatian appetisers, English cream tea, and more. Our offices transformed into a lively fusion of flavors, traditions, and experiences.

However, the event was about more than just food. It was a celebration of our diverse cultural heritages, fostering mutual respect and unity. We shared stories about our unique journeys and learned about the diverse backgrounds that enrich our workplace daily.

Thanks to the dedication of our office representatives Andrea Bono and Silvia Vasileva, the event was successfully mirrored in our Spain and Italy offices. Manheim Express’ employees from nearby offices also joined, making the event even more dynamic and inclusive.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Mosaic ERG for their incredible initiative and support, as well as the ECET for their assistance. Special thanks to Laura Flores, Mandy Goldbach, Alex Knoll, and Anja Zeisberg for their invaluable help in preparing the event in Koblenz. They played a key role in making the Cox Cultural Feast a big hit.

Here’s to always embracing our differences and celebrating the beauty of diversity!

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