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Girls’ Day, also known as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, is a day aimed at inspiring and empowering young women to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It serves as a platform for organisations worldwide to host events that encourage girls to explore these areas and highlight the accomplishments of women in these industries.

Modix joins Girls’ Day

This year, Modix organised a Girls’ Day event to encourage girls to explore career opportunities in backend or frontend development, as well as project management and IT support. Our colleague, Ralf Kraus, hosted the event at our Koblenz office, where his daughter and two of her friends were introduced to the exciting world of IT.

Ralf, a passionate Principal Software Engineer, actively encourages girls to pursue STEM careers. Recognizing the significance of representations in these fields, he believes that showcasing women in leadership positions can inspire young girls to envision their own success in these industries.

Let’s ignite the spark!

The girls were given a tour of the office and had the opportunity to explore different departments and meet employees from various teams. Insights were gained into the diverse roles and responsibilities within software development.

Ralf shared his expertise in international development and architecture and the girls had the chance to participate in hands-on activities. They engaged in basic HTML coding and examined existing PHP-related code to understand the structures of the Modix backend system.

Yuxuan, our Global Account Coordinator, also shared her experience in the international support team and offered some great insights into managing customer-related change requests.

The Girls’ Day at Modix was a great success, as the girls truly showed interest in pursuing software engineering and development careers. Our colleagues were excited to showcase their work and introduce these talented young women to the world of technology and innovation. With hands-on experiences and inspiring role models, our aim is to ignite their passion, empower them, and help them realize their aspirations.

Fueling tomorrow’s success

At Modix, we firmly believe in the impact of events such as Girls’ Day in promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Our commitment to support and empower women in the tech field drives our efforts forward. We eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to welcome future generations of girls and young women. Together, we can create a more inclusive and vibrant tech industry for all.

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