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Modix digital advertising solutions are a proven way for businesses to generate customers and improve retail performance. Here’s how AdBox Search helped Honda UK to increase its traffic and leads by 50% in just three months.

About Honda
Honda UK is the United Kingdom-based branch of Honda Motor Europe, encompassing over 125 retail partners within their automotive network.

Honda UK’s goal:

Drive more consumers to Honda UK Approved Used Car websites to ensure a greater share of available traffic.
Maintain and increase lead generation.

Our solution
Modix AdBox Search is the tool we used to ensure that the lead generation from the Honda Used Vehicle Locator (UVL) is maintained and future-proofed. The solution targets car buyers in their local area with ads based on current vehicle stock delivering high-volume, quality traffic. After defining the budget, the running time, and the radius of campaigns, AdBox Search starts generating dynamic Google ads that are perfectly matched to every search and every user.

AdBox Search campaign launch
A three-month AdBox Search campaign was launched for every Honda retailer in the UK, targeted against Honda’s goals.

A 50% increase in leads was achieved. UVL traffic remained stable, as anticipated, and more consumer enquiries started reaching retailers.

During the three-month pilot, 4,800 leads to 130 retailers were generated. The main focus at the time of the trial was the number of leads generated, so this result was a success. Honda UK then committed to a further 12 months with the same rates as a result.

The AdBox campaign has since consistently contributed an additional 30%-40% of visitors to the site and generated 50% of the total leads (average over three years). This equates to an average increase in leads of 200% (2019: 273%, 2020: 241%, 2021: 100%).

During 2020 and 2021, it was nearly impossible to measure the success of UVL traffic due to the difficult circumstances the market faced at that time. However, the results of the marketing program were considerable, and they would be significantly lower without it.

“Modix works very closely with us in Honda UK, to ensure our Approved Car Locator is working to its best, generating specific and tailored leads to our dealer network on their ‘live’ inventory. Having introduced AdBox a couple of years ago, our lead generation has more than doubled. The support given to Honda UK through the Modix Senior Account Director and his team is faultless, always positive, and constructive.”

Gareth Roberts, Retail Development Section Manager at Honda Motor Europe – UK Limited

Key findings and future strategy
In 2022, Honda UK agreed to increase product spending based on the success of AdBox Search and ongoing consultation with Modix. Because of the increased competition of other independent websites, the cost per click increased significantly, and the campaigns did not produce optimal results.

To counter this, Honda UK agreed to raise the monthly budget for each retailer by 66%. Results were then stabilised, and a positive number of leads was achieved for each retailer every month.

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Did you know…

49% of consumers agree that they have done more shopping online in the past year. Compared to the pre-COVID period, online car sales increased by 645% in 2020. Car buyers now expect digital interaction with the retail channel, but at the same time, they are experiencing a lack of confidence online. Would you like to know how to overcome that uncertainty? Then read our next blog post.