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An internal example analysis of one of our clients clearly demonstrates the performance of our digital advertising solutions.

About Hedin Automotive

Hedin Automotive is the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Belgium with 15 locations.


Their objective was to drive more traffic and more qualified leads to their website.

Campaign launch with AdBox Search and AdBox Facebook Retargeting.

In September 2019, they launched an AdBox Search campaign.

Modix AdBox Search accesses current vehicle inventory and based on this, dynamically places Google ads, perfectly tailored to the prospect’s search query.

However, since not all visitors perform the desired action on the website, such as calling or contacting dealers, Hedin Automotive also used AdBox Facebook Retargeting to target users who have already viewed their vehicles on the website towards bringing visitors with more intent to buy back to the website.


  • 136% increase year-on-year of Monthly website views
  • 50% of all conversions* with a cost per lead (CPL) of only €2.18.
  • 6% increase in website traffic with AdBox Facebook Retargeting. Due to the high hit rate of the ads, the cost per click (also called CPC) also remained very low: CPC 0,04 €. 

Our solutions

Modix AdBox Search drives high-quality lead generation by displaying your vehicle inventory through Google, using pay-per-click advertising, and enabling automated bidding on any vehicle, 24/7.

Modix AdBox Facebook Retargeting serves ads to car buyers who have previously engaged with the vehicles on your website before continuing their car-buying journey. With an audience of around 2 billion people, Facebook provides a great platform to encourage consumers to revisit your website with a higher intent to purchase.

Consumers who know your brand are 70% more likely to convert. So, you can maximize the ROI of the advertising budget by re-targeting them.

Arthur Lauwers, Strategic Marketing at Hedin Automotive says: “Thanks to the Modix Adbox campaign, we were able to quickly and efficiently achieve a double goal within Hedin Automotive. Not only strong growth in our number of website visits but also clearly more brand awareness for our 15 branches. In other words, a stronger reputation and more leads in one fell swoop.”

Do you also want more enquiries for your vehicles?

*A conversion counts a specific user action on a website that can be counted as a lead, e.g. calling a dealer, making contact via a form, or requesting a test drive.