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Modix, the market leader in automotive digital marketing, has hailed its new dealer imagery product, Modix 360°, as a ‘big step towards digital retailing’ for the industry.

The product helps dealers to sell cars faster by giving them a simple, self-serve way to take 360° images of vehicles, enhancing their website stock listings with innovative, immersive imagery and video. Modix 360° is proven to increase lead submissions for dealers by over 42% and vehicle page engagement by up to 56%*.

Launched with technology partner, Instavid, Modix 360° enables dealers to capture complete interior and exterior spins of vehicles, with additional ‘hotspots’ providing extra information on key features. The resulting 360° video allows consumers to discover more about potential purchases with the dealership than ever before.

The move to 360° imagery capabilities comes as Modix continues to evolve its imagery proposition to meet customer needs and drive more online functionality for consumers.

Darren Sinclair, Managing Director at Modix, said: “The introduction of Modix 360° is undoubtedly another step towards a digital retailing future for dealers, giving customers confidence in what they are buying, and supporting how they want to interact online and with the physical dealership.”

“We know that buyers now, more than ever, are seeking as much information as possible up front before they venture into the dealership. They want to be able to compare their choices, and to do so, need to have full visibility of all aspects of a vehicle, whether that is on a dealer’s individual website or through car sales platforms like”

“Providing potential customers with interactive 360° imagery significantly improves their buying experience and their likelihood to purchase.”

Sinclair continued, “We know 360° images are proven to sell cars faster than standard images and therefor dealers adopting the technology will be adding significant value to their business and have a clear lead on competitors.”
The move to launch Modix 360° comes during a period of growth for Modix, which supplies more than 30 OEMs and over 16,500 dealers with used-vehicle locators, search marketing tools, websites and imagery that generate leads and drive conversion.

Sinclair added: “We are going from strength to strength and excited to help dealers grow their businesses with fantastic tools like Modix 360°.”

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