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Over time we have seen a substantial shift in the way consumers interact with the automotive industry, thanks to the ever-growing impact of digital. The role that technology plays in all its aspects is undeniable, from manufacturing to research, or aftersales to communication – everywhere you turn, the answer will include some reference to a digital or data-driven solution!

Although many will say they are wary of change, the clear digital disruption within the industry is a factor that needs to be embraced with open arms. In a time where we all carry a smartphone in our pocket, it is safe to say there is no escaping the advancements of the technological world and its impact across every part of our day-to-day lives.

Starting at the beginning of the car-buying journey, initial research has clearly shifted into the realm of digital media. When looking to purchase a vehicle, the first place many consumers turn to is no longer the showroom, but to Google. After the initial search for their preferred model or local dealership, they will then explore their chosen websites in detail, to discover all of the necessary information about the models before heading to the showroom for a test drive.

For consumers to gather the information they require it is essential that a dealership’s website is clear and easy to navigate whilst providing all of the essential information – thus allowing users to make the most informed decision possible. A tool, such as a car configurator, as well as exceptional imagery, are both keys to helping people discover the models available; the ability to view a car that meets all of an individual’s requirements is a key factor in the decision to buy.

You can also link the integration of digital services to vehicle health – the increase in different pieces of technology can, along with improving a vehicle’s safety, also help to reduce the substantial costs associated with faults. The addition of vehicle diagnostics provides a predictive analysis system that allows defects to be overcome, as well as completely avoiding possible recall situations.

Not only does technology provide health services for the car, but it also has the potential to do the same for the driver. By incorporating heart-rate measurements or the facility for blood pressure monitoring, it continues to increase safety levels, as it can indicate for the driver to pull off the road whilst also transferring the information to the closest medical centre.

As we look deeper into the ever-advancing future, there are more elements we can expect to see that will further enhance our driving experience. When cruising through a new city, you could rely on a concierge service to direct you to the best restaurant or help you find the most convenient parking space – something we’re sure can only be beneficial!

No matter how you look at it, technology has changed the automotive industry. For dealerships to keep up with the changes, they need to ensure they are utilising what’s within their means to the best of their abilities. Ensuring a website provides a comprehensive user experience, combined with utilising Google to the fullest makes appearing in front of a selected audience easier than ever before.

At Modix, we can assist you with both of these elements, guaranteeing that you are meeting the online needs of your consumers.

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