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As we’ve explored in previous blog posts, the digital age is here to stay. Since the patent of the automobile over 100 years ago, we have seen many advances both in the vehicle itself and the way in which we buy them. However, there is one thing that remains relatively consistent – people’s fear of entering a car dealership in case they get ripped off or pressured into buying something they don’t really want.

Through the influence of digital, dealers are able to build their online presence and create a new-found sense of loyalty to change this way of thinking – it will help them to attract customers in and then keep them coming back. Having an engaging and conversion-focused website will play a huge part in someone’s decision to buy, in the same way, that broader online activity can support – in a recent report published by Google, it was revealed that 72% of people were swayed to consider buying a brand by anything they saw or noticed in the media.

Just as websites have grown in importance over time, we’re now starting to see other channels come into play. The first is social media – full of friends, family and influencers. People will turn to these platforms to look for a vehicle to meet their driving needs. To ensure your dealership isn’t missing out on this hive of activity, you need to be actively engaging with users and posting regular content.

Another technology we’ve seen emerge within consumers’ search habits is using Siri to find out information on different makes and models. This is especially true for Generation Z, who have grown up in a home full of technology and undoubtedly have had access to a smartphone from a young age. Not thinking twice about turning to their phone to find what they’re looking for, it has gone one step further where they no longer unlock the device to gain the answers they require.

No matter what generation you fall into, Google still remains a firm favourite. From looking for car dealers near where we live to a specific model created in a specific year, Google has the answer. With 32% of people turning straight to a search engine, compared to only 9% going to a dealer’s website, it shows just how much impact these sites can carry. If you want to reach the people who turn straight to these engines, then you need to make the most of paid search. Modix AdBox is designed to drive consumers directly to your website, avoiding expensive portals.

Sometimes, attracting a customer isn’t just about attracting their attention on Google, it’s about the quirky and inventive ways of making you stand out. In the past, we’ve seen items such as giant car vending machines or pop-up shops catch our attention, but with the continued increase in technology throughout our everyday lives, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the next show-stopping automotive innovation. From KPMG’s recent Global Automotive Executive Survey, 83% of people anticipate a major business model disruption over the next five years – and we couldn’t agree more!

From the Google Auto Drive to Decide – Gearshift 2017 report, there are four key statistics that we want to highlight, which will be able to influence the way in which your dealership markets:

  1. 93% of people research vehicles online before setting foot into a dealership
  2. 75% of smartphone users research their next vehicle on their smartphone
  3. 72% of people watch online videos to aid their decision.
  4. 95% of purchases still happen at the dealership.

In conclusion, your digital activity is essential to drive consumers to your physical dealership, where you can close the sale. Bear in mind that consumers who enter your showroom will most likely already have a good idea of what they want to purchase.

At Modix, we have a team of experts dedicated to helping you sell cars faster– if you’d like to find out more, get in touch today.