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Most car purchases begin with a simple online search (53% according to the latest Cox Automotive consumer research). So, online retailers need to maximise their chances of being found by a buyer in the consideration stage of their journey. That means knowing exactly what consumers are searching for.

Utilising the powerful digital marketing insights tool Semrush, we’ve uncovered the latest, most popular consumer search trends of 2023 so far.

  1. “Tips for buying from a used car dealership

Straight in at No. 10 is this search term which hints at the caution and care that a would-be bargain hunter deploys when they’re looking for their next used vehicle. They know buying a car is a big decision and are already at the stage of gleaning wisdom from online sources about approaching a dealer.

  1. “Should I buy an electric or hybrid car?”

There’s no getting around it. For many people, their next car purchase is coloured by environmental concerns. A lot of buyers remain reluctant to go full electric, whether due to range anxiety or maybe they just need to educate themselves a little more before making a final decision. Whatever the reason, this term’s place in the top 10 means retailers need the right information on their sites to help buyers make an informed choice.

  1. “What is the best affordable hybrid car?”

Members of the buying public use the internet to guide decisions on everything from holidays to house prices. And when it comes to cars, they’re hoping to find the best choice when it comes to their next purchase. They know electric/hybrid cars can be expensive and that they need to shop around.

  1. “Will the price of cars go down in 2023?”

Buying a car is often a matter of necessity, but in these uncertain economic times, consumers want to be sure they’re making a wise choice when it comes to parting with their hard-earned cash. Especially with the record used car prices we’ve seen in recent times. This search term shows just how eager consumers are to learn as much as they can, not just about individual models, but about the industry as a whole – and how they can find a car at the right price.

  1. “How will cars be better in the next 10 years?

We live in an era of rapid change and dizzying technological advancement. This term shows just how eager buyers are to find out what the latest onboard gadgets are and, among other things, how fuel-efficient cars have become. Retailers should take heed and perhaps think about placing more focus on the technology included with vehicles for sale.

  1. “Why have car prices gone up?”

A lot of factors have contributed to the rising price of cars in many areas of the industry. These include the chip shortage, the increasing demand for new cars and the rising cost of materials to make them. Managing your used car website may not feature a lot of information about this broad ‘economic’ issue but it’s worth including discussion or details about elements of this contested topic.

  1. “How is AI being used in the automotive industry?”

It’s the hottest of political hot potatoes there is in technology, so are you talking about AI on your website? Many car models have AI elements, especially the latest electric brand of vehicles. So, it’s a great idea to include blogs, articles and information, so that you can draw more buyer attention.

  1. “Will electric vehicle prices increase or decrease in the near future?”

2023 has witnessed a dramatic fall in the price of used EVs. The popularity of this term shows that it would be wise to highlight that fact as best you can and perhaps think about increasing the stock or EVs that you have available.

  1. “How to save money on car insurance”

Having links to price-comparison sites is one way of taking advantage of the popularity of this term – which shows just how eager consumers are to save money wherever they can.

  1. “Best way to finance a car”

And topping our list is probably the most important issue of the lot – forking out for the vehicle. Paying for a car is the second-biggest financial transaction that the average person makes in their lifetime (buying property being the biggest). Consumers need to know how to buy a car if assistance is needed, and the cost has to fit their budget and needs. It’s essential that any relationships a retailer has with car financing companies are front and centre on the website. Why not think about linking to case studies about the organisations you work with?

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